Friday, August 30, 2013

{Leo says...}

“be happy” {when asked what he was going to do w/ the pine cone (“corn”) he was putting in his pocket for later}

“is he getting drinks in there?”  {when observing Daniel nursing}

“...but MO-OHM!!” [WAY too soon, buddy...]

“she said, “I love you” me, but I didn’t say, “I love you” her!” {upon ‘hanging up’ on FaceTime with Aunt Margaret too quickly}

“did’din’t” {how he says didn’t}

“I don’t want to hear that noise anymore!” {upon Daniel shriek/crying}
{Daniel keeps crying}
“Stop that noise, Daniel!!”

“I wanna push these letters” {typing on the iPad}

“let’s change it to the gas station” {adjusting the radio while playing in the van}

“when is my  birthday” 
Mom counts out, says, “in *10* days”
15 seconds later...”It’s my birthday now!”

“look, my fingers are saying no” when Mom asked him to pick something up, holding his fingers as though they are cramped

“well, at least you don’t have to do that anymore” after Mom cleaned cat puke off the driveway...

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  1. They aren't just funny to you ;) ~ica


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