Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make your bed!

My favorite philosophy of life I call my "Nana Philosophy".  This stems from my grandmother's wisdom that you can always make your bed.  You may not be able to move mountains today, but you can make your bed.  I've added brushing your teeth too.  You can do those two things every day.

Now, it may seem like a pretty trivial thing to do each day, but if you think about it, you build tons of discipline in doing these simple things each day.

Some days it's hard to make your bed though.  However, there is value to being stretched.  Consider this elephant: (Actual search result on Google images when I typed in "discipline">> I think this is how I will illustrate all my posts: random Google search pictures.)

I have been thinking a lot about discipline lately, largely in part due to a book that my friend Ellie lent to me called, "A Mother's Rule of Life" (rule as in as the religious orders have it).  I haven't finished it yet (rather telling of my discipline...), but the book offers a very practical approach for a Christian stay-at-home-mom to create order and discipline in her family's life....thusly leading to a peaceful and joyful life. 

>>aside: "stay-at-home-mom" isn't a very good label I think...I'm not here ALL the time!  I go to the grocery store sometimes.  :-)<<

So, I am trying to be more disciplined, if only so that I can brag to you all how much I have accomplished! ...just kidding--but seriously, I did brush my teeth!  (It's the flossing that takes discipline...!) 

At any rate, one of the main points of the book is to have prayer time every day...which I haven't done you later! :0)

Monday, June 27, 2011


Wow!  We "officially" have a farm now!  Yesterday, we went and bought 2 baby goats!  They are super cute.  They are Boer-type meat goats, both female.  ...and since raising goats is as easy as raspberries (i.e. wicked easy), they are named Raspberry and Bramble.  Raspberry is the reddish one and Bramble the white.  Leo likes them a lot, though he cries when they do at times...!