Thursday, February 9, 2012

My baby stole my popsicle.

The thief in person.
My baby stole my popsicle.  Yup, it's the truth.  He flat out came over and took it from me.  I wanted that popsicle.  My throat was sore. 

We think perhaps he has entered the stage of the terrible twos early.  About 7 months early.  Maybe he'll get over it in time for the new baby?  He screams "NOOOOO!" at me all the time.  Where has my nice little son gone? 

Anyways...this is the plight of all parents, I think.  As children grow and adapt to the world around them, we too have to grow and adapt to them.  ....and learn how to find good methods of de-stressing to ensure the fact that they will survive the day. 

Parenting isn't fair.  Your baby can steal your popsicle, and you have to deal.  :0)