I am a wife, mother of two small boyos (3.5, and 2 years old) out in the semi-country-side of north-eastern Ohio. Here is me: 

I'm watching my sister dance at her wedding : )

Here is our family:

Me, Steveo, much younger Leo & much in-utero Daniel.

The little guys:

Brothers. Besties. :0)
Sometimes I write about life on Black Sheep Farm, where we live. It's not nearly so idyllic as this picture makes it seem:

The baby girl is our friend Gabriella. She's a cutie :o)

This is much younger Leo with much younger Raspberry, the Boer goat.
 I also work part-time as a home health (aka visiting) nurse. I really like it, most of the time ;)

This nurse is wearing heels. Awww, hells no!

So, there you have it! Wife-mom-farmerette-nurse lady with a blog...! SO, there's always plenty to talk about, but I usually just give you fluff instead...! :D Thanks for reading...enjoy!

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