Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wit for your Wednesday: Inaugural Edition with Special Guest Star


Brought to you by the color pink and the letter B.
For the inaugural edition of this (potentially) weekly blog (but more likely weak-ly, aka whenever I get around to it or feel like it, as with the rest my posting...), I introduce our guest star, my beautiful sister Margaret, pictured here with one of her favorite nephews,

with (drum-roll please):

Reasons I would never be on The Bachelorette 

(besides the happily married thing)

·         I have an education.
·         My dad would be mad at me.
·         I am 27, and therefore probably too old.
·         I had enough of a living with a bunch of drama-filled girls when I was an RA in college.
·         I have self respect.
·         I decided early on in life not to prostitute myself.
·         I am higher than a size 6, and therefore also too fat.
·         My mom would be mad at me.
·         I don’t kiss on the first date.
·         Or maybe even the 2nd.
·         I don’t really like the objectifying of people.
·         I find the men suspicious.  (You fly a plane and have a stable job with perfect teeth and  you can’t find love even though you really just want to settle down?  Yea, ok...)
·         My dad told me I could do anything, and he didn't mean make a fool of myself on national TV, he meant be a lawyer.  Or whatever.
·         I have read more than 5 books written before 1700, and 1800, and 1900…

There are several more reasons I am sure, and my useless rant against almighty reality television will amount to almost nothing.  However, this list is also why I don't watch the show....

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