Saturday, July 26, 2014

Grief for Today

Grief is the sad-love we wear like
His jacket.
Left behind, still warm, on that
Stark summer day.

Grief is the new-love
Never known, never held
Hope back to Heaven
Love flown away.

Grief is the long-love
Years spent together, now whittled to minutes--
Cancer ward lips,
Don't know what to say.

Grief is the strong-love
Crossing the ocean
Not expecting - news from a stranger,
While children at play.

Grief is the sorrow for what's lost or won't happen:
Hopes stacked as high mountains,
Cast down, tumbled like towers--
Dreams lost on the way.

Grief hangs like clouds,
Envelopes, surrounds us
Sharp in our hearts,
Like glass in the bay.

Hand reaches down
Through the fog, through the rubble.
Hand reaches out,
Will lift us some day.

Joy in the sorrow.
Hope in the hurting.
Hope for tomorrow.
Grief for today.

I have been reflecting lately on grief.  There is so much pain in the world today, and it seems we hear of new atrocities or disasters hourly rather than daily, even.  Pain worlds-apart seems just that--distant and unrelatable, but there is still the everyday and close sorrow of those around us to consider.  This close pain can perhaps give us some perspective on terrors we cannot comprehend. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just $5, please!

Y'all.  I need a favor.  May I borrow 5 bucks?  I am RUNNING in a LEGIT race IN MAINE.  Legit, as in, there are roads closed, and buses taking people around, and only small, clear bags allowed at the runner-bag-check-thing, a-la-TSA.  And I need $5. 

It's the BEACH to BEACON 10K people.  It's kind of a big deal. An Olypmic gold-medalist (from Maine!) founded the race, and tons of money gets raised for local charities, mostly related to children. I am lucky enough to be running for the Camp Sunshine team.  Camp Sunshine is a retreat campus in Casco, Maine that is dedicated to provided a place for rest for children facing terminal illness, *and* their families.  Get this:

"Camp Sunshine is currently the only full-time facility in the nation whose sole purpose is to provide respite for the whole family."

Only one in the nation! Pretty neat, yes?

Camp Sunshine kids

So, I have been "training" out here in Ohio (ramping it up this last week...) to be ready for the run.  I wish I were more ready, actually, but the time-space-life-happens-continuum being what it we are.  I am glad, though, that I get to promote this special place for kids, and try to help them out by telling YOU about them.  Because those kids are way cuter than I am:

sweaty post-run selfie
they are probs also less sweaty

May I pretty please have $5?

The goal for each team member is to raise $1,000 for the Camp.  My doting sister made a donation immediately, and then...nadda.  I promise that it is *super* easy to chip in.  Click the fancy "DONATE NOW" button to your right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And select $1000...::ahem:: I mean, $5, and proceed. ;)

Or, you can click this spiffy link here, and go from there.

I will pay you back someday when you have a thing...just let me know, and my $5 is there for you too :D

 You all are the best, greatest, and prettiest. xoxo