Monday, June 27, 2011


Wow!  We "officially" have a farm now!  Yesterday, we went and bought 2 baby goats!  They are super cute.  They are Boer-type meat goats, both female.  ...and since raising goats is as easy as raspberries (i.e. wicked easy), they are named Raspberry and Bramble.  Raspberry is the reddish one and Bramble the white.  Leo likes them a lot, though he cries when they do at times...!


  1. How sweet. My brother Bob and his wife raise goats in South Carolina.Looking forward to reading your blog. I am thinking about getting mine back up too.

  2. Lovelyness.

    Also Leo loves to play with anything that moves and can potentially go in his mouth. Goats Beware!


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