Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Diaper Sprayer

Somewhat disturbing logo...

**Disclaimer: I did NOT receive a free Diaper Sprayer in exchange for this review (shame, really)**

So, we have been trucking along using our cloth diapers for about 10 months now, and doing just fine.  However, now that Leo eats more solid foods....his diapers have become, shall we say, more *interesting*.  The problem with this is, what's a momma to do with the *interesting* bits so that the washing machine doesn't get..."residue" (catch my drift?). 

The excellent contraption, complete
with expertly installed plumbing.
Well, upon hearing about the wonderful Diaper Sprayer from a lady at a La Leche League meeting, I did extensive personal research on the topic (i.e. a Google search, followed by the reading of two or three Mom-Blogs--with moms who DID get a free Diaper Sprayer for their efforts!--I did find a 15% off coupon code though!). 

I really really really like our new sprayer!  It is in the shape of a Dalmatian puppy ($4 less than the fancy plain-chrome model) and works marvelously!  And (drum-roll please), I installed it myself!  With an "adjustable" wrench ("monkey" or "crescent" were too high tech for these instruction-readers, I suppose). 
A Monkey-Wrench

I should here mention that my dear friend Liz Wilber almost fell into the classic trap of calling this wonderful invention a "poop sprayer".  Now, the thing does spray poop, but it sprays it off of the diaper.  So, it must needs be called a diaper sprayer.  Go buy one today!  Free shipping!  www.diapersprayer.com.

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