Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 2): Shout Outs etc.

7 Quick Takes Friday: Shout-outs etc. Edition

Our seeds came today! 
We ordered approximately 2 bajillion seeds 
located in Winslow, Maine: 

Shout out to Rebecca Bratten Weiss for making me
 more conscious of where I buy my seeds :0)

Now, I am already wicked pumped that this lovely seed company is in Maine, 
but should I have been surprised that the seeds were delivered in a Volk Packaging box? :o) 

Shout out to Derek Volk and his awesome cardboard crew!

This is the lovely mirror that Steven bought on a local online auction for $2.50. That’s right $2.50!
[The picture doesn't do it justice, but you can see the pretty curtains we bought a while back, 
and none of the clutter on my table. :P] 
Shout -out to Deborah King, 
who I know will be very excited for this :0)

Shout out to my BFFs. 
You know who you are! 4-evah!

But seriously, I am serious. :0) 
...and I also think these little girls have super-cute swim suits. 

Shout out to my lovely sister Margaret (so that makes two for her in this blog--awww!),

 who loves me way much. Way much meaning she mailed me a 
whole entire *big* bag of these for a Valentine. 


So, kind of returning to item #1, now that we have "approximately 2 bajillion" seeds, 
we've got to get them started...and we're thinking about doing some farmer's market stuff this year. 
Whether that means I'll get my act together and get one going here in town, 
or I grow stuff and then pawn it off on unsuspecting other people...remains to be seen.  
But those little packets are deceivingly small for how much potential they contain. 
(There is some philosophical life lesson in that, isn't there?)

You really can't get enough of this guy can you?

He is making a strange face because he is still wary of the papparazzi and doesn't like his picture being taken.
This is his Davy Crockett hat. He wears it everywhere, 
and everyone asks him if he's Davy or Daniel Boone. 
Sometimes he tells them, sometimes he just shows them his gun, which is whatever household (or outdoor) item that is currently serving as his side-arm. This week it's his "stick gun", which you can see in the bottom left-hand corner of the picture. 

Of course, 7QT was started by Jen, over at Conversion Diary :0)

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