Monday, May 26, 2014

{WIWS} Full of Grace (Necklace!) Edition

Just a little outfit fun for Sunday, mostly so I can show you my new gorgeous necklace from Full of Grace, Divine Designs jewelry.  Susan @ Sole Searching Mama (she has 5 boys! she runs! they have a farm!) had a giveaway the other day...and I won! I won! I found out about my prize, the gorgeous "Addy" necklace (on sale now--$20 off!!) on the day that my best friend had her baby, and it was a Marian feast day to boot. So, it's basically an heirloom for my future children/grandchildren already ;).

Here's what I wore:

Leo was the photographer for the full-length shot, and the others were selfies with the great photos for y'all here...;)

Shirt: Target* (but I got it for $2.99 at an overstock store!)
Skirt: Blue corduroy hand-me-down
Flip-flops: Okabashi from Wal-Mart (Made in Amercia and seen also here)
Necklace: "Addy" from Full of Grace, Divine Designs
*Apparently this shirt is *actually* wonder it was so comfy! hahahaha!

The necklace is two strands of ruby and tourmaline beads on 24k gold link chain, with a vintage-inspired Marian holy medal. It is delicate, feminine, colorful, and I really love it! So, go check out Melissa's stuff over at Full of Grace. :0)

Thanks for joining in today...tune in next time for more wackiness from your favorite black sheep hater rescuer. 
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  1. Those are so beautiful! Wow, what a win! You look gorgeous, btw

  2. PS: Some of my favorite shirts are sleepwear shirts, haha.


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