Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just $5, please!

Y'all.  I need a favor.  May I borrow 5 bucks?  I am RUNNING in a LEGIT race IN MAINE.  Legit, as in, there are roads closed, and buses taking people around, and only small, clear bags allowed at the runner-bag-check-thing, a-la-TSA.  And I need $5. 

It's the BEACH to BEACON 10K people.  It's kind of a big deal. An Olypmic gold-medalist (from Maine!) founded the race, and tons of money gets raised for local charities, mostly related to children. I am lucky enough to be running for the Camp Sunshine team.  Camp Sunshine is a retreat campus in Casco, Maine that is dedicated to provided a place for rest for children facing terminal illness, *and* their families.  Get this:

"Camp Sunshine is currently the only full-time facility in the nation whose sole purpose is to provide respite for the whole family."

Only one in the nation! Pretty neat, yes?

Camp Sunshine kids

So, I have been "training" out here in Ohio (ramping it up this last week...) to be ready for the run.  I wish I were more ready, actually, but the time-space-life-happens-continuum being what it we are.  I am glad, though, that I get to promote this special place for kids, and try to help them out by telling YOU about them.  Because those kids are way cuter than I am:

sweaty post-run selfie
they are probs also less sweaty

May I pretty please have $5?

The goal for each team member is to raise $1,000 for the Camp.  My doting sister made a donation immediately, and then...nadda.  I promise that it is *super* easy to chip in.  Click the fancy "DONATE NOW" button to your right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And select $1000...::ahem:: I mean, $5, and proceed. ;)

Or, you can click this spiffy link here, and go from there.

I will pay you back someday when you have a thing...just let me know, and my $5 is there for you too :D

 You all are the best, greatest, and prettiest. xoxo

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