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The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift List With Top Five

Because I am obviously an expert...

I love to give gifts. (I love to get gifts too...hint hint to everybody!). I've been perfecting my baby shower gift by practicing on all the gorgeous friends of mine who are having beautiful babes of late.

It is easy to fall into one of two holes with baby shower gifts:
1. Something frivolous but cute
2. Something seemingly necessary but potentially superfluous

Let me explain.

You folks who go out and buy the-very-cutest-little-outfits-ever fall into Category #1. This is not a bad category, and, to be honest, new moms like to get cute outfits. How-ever, these items are hardly ever used to their potential beyond one-to-three wears per child due to frustration of parents, growth of child, and wrong season-to-child size ratio (i.e. my child fits into the snowsuit now, but it's July...)

Category #2 is made up of people who are even more well-meaning than Category #1, because they try to buy something useful, at even the expense of their own gift-buying-delight, but these items are often too specific to the parents to hit the nail on the head, even with a registry, because new parents don't know yet what they are really going to be using (i.e New Mama thought she'd love baby yoga, so you bought her 16-disc DVD set she wanted, but New Baby is not-having-any-of-it.).

Now, if you have fallen into these categories, fear not! You can stick to them (oldies and goodies), or you can check out...

Drum roll please...

Thanks, Nick.

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Basket of Useful Stuff for a New Mom

What I have developed is a gift basket of TONs of useful items that new moms don't know yet that they will need. What's great about this basket is that it can be customized to *your* friend, and the amount of money that you want to spend. I usually buy little things periodically that will fit in. Here's the break-down of the basket:

  1. Nursing bra (get a cute print, guess on the size & include the gift receipt)
  2. Cloth breast pads (practical, reusable, green)
  3. Udderly Smooth body cream (or similar, for Mama-pampering)
  4. Eos lip balm (b/c something cute for herself)
  5. Snot Sucker (aka Bulb Syringe of Blessedness, to be used w/ the Saline drops! )
  6. Lansinoh Lanolin ointment (ABSOLUTE must for nursing mamas!)
  7. Thermometer (yup.)
  8. California Baby diaper cream (or similar, just something on the fancy-end)
  9. Ferro Roche chocolates (duh.)
  10. Baby Nail Clippers (b/c Aunt Janet says you can't have enough of these, and she's right!)
  11. Cliff Bars (or similar, for energy to get to the big day!)
  12. Aveeno Baby Sunblock Stick (or similar, mineral-type fancy-ness)
  13. Witch Hazel (SO helpful for post-partuum soreness!)
  14. Saline nose drops (If you put nothing else in the gift basket, put 5 bottles of this. #1 home remedy for snuffy noses!)
Bonus: The basket can be used later for clothes/blankets/toys by the Mama

The basic formula for the gift is:
1. Some things to pamper/support the mom *now*
2. Some practical baby-care items for later, so she doesn't have to run around after them
3. Some things to pamper/support the mom *later*

Now, the list above is obviously the *Ultimate* pack, but there are times that you need to economize a bit. To that end, I have developed for your viewing (and useful) pleasure:

The {Five Favorites} Baby Shower Gift-Pack
{Suitable for sending across the country via post, or putting in a gift bag, more last-minute}

These top five are the best of the best in terms of pamper now-support later you can get. These bars are *the* most awesome-tasting, healthiest things I've come across. They are SO yummy, and full of good nutrition. I think even the most nauseous of Mamas can tackle some protein disguised as chocolate-y-goodness. The bra and the lip balm will make her feel special, and the saline drops + lanolin ointment are the top picks for home-remedy wonders.

Not buyin' my formula? I just noticed that Grace @CampPatton *just* posted an awesome {labor & delivery} necessities post, and she just had a great post on items to add to your baby registry too. And, if all else fails, give books!

So...what are *you* going to give the pretty Mama-to-Be in your life?
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  1. What??? I was totally unaware that Target made cute and cheap nursing bras. Game changer! Great list!

    1. Useful + cute = *the* best. I will say that some "nursing" items I've gotten have only lasted for one child, but I guess that depends on how long one nurses and how many items are in the rotation :)

  2. But the cute bra doesn't come in Tribal Sizes (DD and up)... sad day.

    Do you just put the witch hazel in the bathtub? Never used it but would love to know what I can do before this little one is born!

    Great great list! I would add though that my favorite baby shower gift of all time was a pack of four hand-selected board books for Liam from my HS English teacher. Even just one favorite (oh! how to choose?!) packed in that basket would be a boon.

    1. :/ on the cute & upper sizes...I find that I change sizes rapidly (smaller) after a tank until then?

      The witch hazel in the tub is a good idea. I actually bought some witch hazel pads (like...for hemmroids), and froze them...and then...wore them...I've also heard of using infant disposable diapers (or pads would probably work too), soaking them in witch hazel, freezing, a squirt bottle would probably be good too ;)

      I would have *loved* to get hand-picked books from a teacher, what a lovely gift idea!

  3. This "New Mama Gift Box" was AWESOME!!! I have since given some too. You didn't say the cooling gel breast pads, those were a life saver! ~Jessica

  4. I love the idea of snacks and bars! I would probably feel uncomfortable getting a bra for someone and having to guess the size (and would probably be a bit uncomfortable giving one as well), but the rest of the items are pretty spot on. I really appreciate the idea of getting something for the MOM at the baby shower because there are things she'll need and she's often forgotten (and will forget herself in the business of having a new baby). I got nothing for myself at my shower so I try to do a gift for mom, even if it's something as simple as breast pads, as well as something for baby.

    1. Snacks & bars are my favoritey-fave thing, really. One of my husband's aunts got me a pretty purse at my shower, and I've kept and used it ever since, it made me feel really special, so you're right--it is good to try and get something, even a little thing for the Mama too. :)


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