Saturday, July 27, 2013

{7QT} Completely Random Edition

aka Business as Usual
{linking it up with Jen for day #5 of the blog thing and the 7QT}
(day late and dollar short as usual too...)

1. Blessed Mother, hear our prayer, keep those people in your care.
We learned this prayer in first grade, from Sr. Patricia Williams, and she had us pray it whenever we heard a siren go by on Congress Street outside. To this day, when I hear sirens, I pray this prayer. I've started to teach Leo to pray when he hear sirens or see an ambulance. His cosmology has some room for growth, though...he'll say things like "they're going to see Jesus now?". Umm...there's time to iron that one out!

2. Divisions of labor.
After getting annoyed that I have to feed the chickens all the dang time ( takes 15 minutes or less to feed all the animals that we have...::whine whine whine::), I've decided to suck it up and take it on as just something that I do. Steve can still handle the building of 2-story buildings in the back yard, and the car mechanic stuff, and the washing the dishes when I've ignored them long enough and the mowing the lawn and fixing everything etc. etc. etc.

3. Email update.
So, in writing an email to a friend of mine today, I realized that it sounded like a blog. Or maybe my blogging sounds like emails? Maybe all of my writing just sounds the same?--witty and clever and snarky and informative etc., right? ;)

After reading here (pg. 14...but I'm not a stalker...) that Grace of Camp Patton fame gets 190K+ pageviews PER MONTH, I pretty much melted away into the blogger unknown-dome forever. I think this amazingly witty, clever, informative blog has gotten 2,847 pageviews TOTAL (not that I check very often or anything) since it's inception two summers ago. Which leads me to...

5. Kiss the being famous goodbye.
I don't share enough of my life for this blog to get anywhere, right? I'm never going to give you as much info and details as Grace and Jen and Kelly give, sorry, not too sorry, I guess I'll stick to my 17 followers and hope to amuse them once in a while ;).

6.Yup, I'm a nurse...So, I get calls from friends/family (ok...maybe 5 calls ever in my nurse career so far...but still!), and they say, "So, since you're a nurse...". Should I tap into this as a source for future blogs? "The top ten things everyone ought to know about antibiotics"? Mostly my advice would be: drink more water, get some rest, call your mom. So...we'll see. Also, I already give myself enough nurse stress (<<wow. read that link!) over my *actual* patients, I don't really need to give myself more of that. Now, bossing people around, however...that would be right up my ally. 

This is a picture of a nurse I found online.
It is here because there are no other pictures in this blog, and that is sad.
You probably stopped reading 3 takes ago because
there were no pictures to break up the monotony.

7. Elaborate bedtimes.
Currently, Daniel is (*knock wood*) pretty easy to get to sleep. Leo requires bath-time, 2 stories, 3 prayers and 2 versions of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and then *maybe* he'll be satisfied enough to stay in bed *and* be quiet for a little while.  What do you guys have to do?

Be sure to head back over to Jen's for more actual 7QTs.

Tune in next time to hear Larry sing..."Everybody's got a waterbuffalo, your's is fast, but mine is slow..."


  1. Folks who get that many hits work at blogging. Do you? They write well, they network--they read and comment on lots of blogs, invent link-ups that garner large followings and yes, they get lucky too.

    1. Thank you for your comment, RAnn. I certainly appreciate that being good at something requires a lot of work. I sincerely admire bloggers who succeed at what they do, and my comments were intended more to make fun of myself than to diminish their hard work in any way. I guess I'm just hoping for that "get lucky" part ;).

  2. Wow... I had no idea Camp Patton got that number of hits! I love reading that blog, but... wow! Grace is a talented writer with a great sense of humor, so I can understand her success. But I'm sure there's that element of luck, too... and I don't know how a mom of 3 littles finds the time for blogging regularly. I only have one (a 14 mo old daughter) and I can't seem to keep up with my own little blog.

    1. No kidding! :D Same boat over here with the time thing! It's all a matter of perspectives and priorities, probably ;)...thanks for reading!

  3. I love the little prayer at the beginning. I'll have to teach it to my children. Speaking of which, we have a Leo as well! He's obviously named after St Leo, but my grandpa's name is also Leo. It makes me laugh sometimes to think of my 84 year old grandpa as a toddler with my Great Grandma calling after him, "Leo!"


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