Thursday, November 7, 2013

Picture This!

I first saw this idea from Bonnie over @ A Knotted Life, and she got it from Jennifer @ Conversion Diary: 13 photos that tell you everything you need to know about me and my blog. ...with links to the best stuff. Fun! :O) 

Chocolate really is all we want most of the time.
And world peace. 

But there is yet time for reflection.
And we do find blessings. 

My life's basic philosophy.
Unless it is possible to live in the moment with cookies.
Which I try to do as much as possible. ;)

Noise with dirt on. Yup.
Being a mom to these two little guys adventure? 
Dullsville? Going too quickly?
D. All of the above.

But there should always be time to read

Being a nurse has it's ups and downs
it definitely gives me pause for thought though!

Pathetic. Some days...

Mostly I just talk about these guys.

Unless I'm just joining in the silly stuff...



This guy means serious thoughts a-coming!

Lately I've been thinking about our little family: wondering what the little guys will be like when they get older...wondering what I'll be like when I get older...and praying for what lies on the road ahead. 

“If it's half as good as the half we've known, here's Hail! to the rest of the road.” 
― Sheldon VanaukenA Severe Mercy


  1. "Don't take my word for it." "You keep using that word." So, dear Katherine, what's the word?

    1. Turns out, today's 'word of the day' is "bludgeon".

  2. You're so cute.

    I keep wanting read A Severe Mercy but I haven't been gutsy enough yet . . .

    1. :) thanks for reading :)

      Go read it. I have had to re-buy my copy three times I think, from all the lending it out I've done. It's really that good. ;)

  3. Love your images! I have got to try this! I saw another fun link up called a "daybook" or something, where you just list everything that happens in your day. Normal people might find it dull but I'm a weirdo list lover. Have you ever read Frog and Toad? :)


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