Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things that actually come out of Moms' mouths...

Generally about once or twice a day, I think to myself, "did I actually just say that?!". "don't put your feet on the baby please" "don't put your feet on the baby's head please" "Leo, no feet on the baby!" Then there's the now ever-popular, "no sitting on the baby!" This morning, I hit a new low. I said, "can you please get some coping skills?!" That's right folks, my 22-1/2 month old boy needs to man up. Also, I think we can tell who needs to practice coping. :) So what crazy (or crazed) things have you said to your kids?


  1. My current fav to Liam is: "Please learn to talk."

  2. After Judah was born, Luthien's favorite game was 'jump over the baby.' I don't know how many times I told her it was not a good game.

  3. Oh dear. We definitely have the foot on the baby's head problem. I also find myself saying "Don't eat your arm" fairly often.


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