Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Toddler torture...

Does anybody have any brilliant ideas on how to get a 22 month old boy to sit and be quiet at church? ...yea. Didn't think so. ::sigh:: I won't write a post about how screaming children should be welcome at Mass or about the annoyed glances I received today when Leo was, shall we say, less than decorous...let's just say that we need practice. Two year olds were created to give mothers patience. Or an aneurysm. So much of life is about perspective and attitude. A very pleasant man at church today told me that he had had five kids, and this is the best time of my life. Seriously?! Ummmmm, did he notice my son eating Chapstick? Did he see my sticky frazzled self trying to look presentable in public? Why is it that we don't appreciate the situations we are in whilst we are in them? I thought today about this whole attitude thing on my drive home. I had to take a detour to avoid construction. SO annoying, right? Yes, but the road was falling apart. If the road workers had come to me ahead of time and said, "hey, we're going to add about 5 minutes to your drive whenever you come home from town, but we'll fix this awful on-ramp for ya" I would have said, "Deal!". The thing is, life doesn't come to you to let you agree to the annoyances in exchange for the good stuff. We have to remind our own selves each day, that by being born into this world, we have said, "Deal!". And this is a no-take-backs-caps-lock-shield kinda deal too. I have to remind myself to accept the toddler torture in exchange for all the good to come. Like, when he learns to drive.


  1. I recently read this piece: http://www.piercedhands.com/your-screaming-kids-are-distracting-me/ on another blog. Your post reminded me of it. We have about a 2 out of 3 quiet rate with Dom right now. We're presently building a Mass "quiet bag" which will include things to help him focus but fulfill the need to hold or touch something. I'll share about it on my blog when I finish it. =)

  2. I read that same blog post :0)

    Great idea about the "quiet bag". I'd love to see what you put in it. My dilemma has been that I want to distract/occupy him, but I don't want that to be the habit at church ( drawing pictures or something) when he gets older...

    Looking fwd to your post...!

    1. I used to draw while in Church...and this lasted until I was perhaps five or six. And I think I turned out okay. ;)


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