Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wit for Your Wednesday (vol. 4): Fancy Guest Post Edition

*Wit for Your Wednesday*
Brought to you by the color mauve and the letter O.

Once again entertaining you with a guest post from my sister, the beautiful Margaret: 
Mags with J at Portland Head Light.
That is, the light at Portland Head.
One of the top ten most photographed lighthouses in the country.
Right near where I grew up.
Yup, we're basically famous.

She wrote about The Bachelor again.
Draw what metaphysical or existential conclusions you will. 

Tales of a Lazy Gourmet/Impatient Food Lover:
This Girl is on Fire
by Margaret

Almost all my household chores would be or already are better with television.  

Last night I wanted to continue my marathon of Fox's New Girl but there was dinner to be made.  J was at the store shopping cause lets face it I am basically lazy.  So I needed to justify myself a little and actually start dinner.  

I brought my onions and garlic into the living room on a cutting board and continued to watch TV while I sliced.

Problem solved.  

Speaking of first world problems, our favorite show Castle was supplanted by what must have been the third hour of the Bachelor season finale.  Having watched a total of 4 and 1/2 minutes of this reality show I feel more than qualified to give commentary.  

He kissed a lot of women and still we (excluding me of course) are sent into some sort of romantic feel-good state when he proposes to the wide-eyed brunette and they ride off on an elephant.  I have concerns about the elephant.  They were on some sort of seat that seemed to be attached to the elephants hind quarters.  Like stapled on.  I was very distracted.  This is when I thought that maybe Castle was going to be late, but then the "After the Rose Ceremony - Live" came on and dashed my hopes.  

It disturbs me more to think that we actually care about this manufactured, fake, and gag-inducing tripe.  We are tricked into thinking that we care for these people.  This show represents much of what is wrong with our view on gender roles.  Women are literally falling over themselves to trick some fame-hungry man into sleeping with them the most.  Hurrah for feminism.  Hurrah for getting the vote.  Better get back in the darn kitchen and not forget to put on our fake eyelashes.  

Blah.  It trivializes relationships.  It makes women look stupid and men look one-dimensional.  Also, we should demand more from our television.  These reality shows are like the cheap toys in a Happy Meal.  They initially excite, but then we realize that they only have one moving part.  I demand wit, excitement, and a larger production budget.  Those are the shows that will get me to cut my produce in the living room.  

I need a TV in the kitchen.  


  1. We were just talking about the Bachelor at work today. It's utter ridiculous. And "reality" shows are so ridiculously fake anyways, it just makes my blood boil.

  2. SO GLAD I'm not the only once-smart mother who has fallen prey to the allure of a lot of TV watching. David and I have HuluPlus rather than TV tv, so we watch it on the computer after the kids have gone to bed. The good part about that is that we are able to skip past a lot of the junk: i.e., 98% of the bachelor episode. (Didn't even see the elephant BUT I did skip the hour and a half of commercials surrounding the elephant.) Our drug of choice is Family Guy. But not the ones where they make fun of Jesus. Just the other ones.

    And David likes a really hokey police show called "Rookie Blue." It's awesome.

  3. So glad to find your blog...I've enjoyed poking around and will be back for more reading! I am intrigued by your "Profile" description and think that you might just become my 8-year old daughter's new BFF. She's a ballerina in training...LOL. She does love tap and ballet and started dance at age 3. She's gotten to perform in 2 local productions of the Nutcracker, once at age 5 and then again at age 7. This year, hubby bought us tickets to see the Kansas City Ballet perform The Nutcracker at the New Performing Arts Center. She was in awe! Which was a good thing since we had tickets to the evening performance on the day of the Newtown, CT school shooting. :( Anyway, ballerina-turned-nurse-turned mom living on a farm in the semi-country sounds like the life!!! Looking forward to getting to know you better. And as far as "reality" TV...my hubby loves it, but I tell him all the time that I don't need to watch reality...I live it! LOL Girl...don't even get me started on Honey Boo Boo...


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