Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Terrible Twos

 I’m pretty sure that I announced the arrival of Leo’s terrible twos when he was, oh, 17 months old...and I was going to give you an update about life from his point of view now, at 2 ½ years old...but this tumblr already did it for me.

Leo’s list would also include the fact that his hair has nerve endings in it (...and Mom kept on trimming anyways...). He screamed the whole time, and that was after I had bribed him with M&Ms (which then got hair on them, giving him reason to scream some more...). I pretty much figured that my in-laws would be rushing down from their house to check on why he was screaming so much, and I probably should make investigations into why they didn’t—so much noise from a mere tenth or two of a mile away, and no response?  What kind of emergency system are we running here anyways?! :P

Since he's always wearing his Davy Crockett hat, no one actually knows what his hair looks like (a skater boy), but here's what it looks like now!

Steve says I should have left his bangs a little longer. I'm just thinking, the shorter I cut it now, the longer I get to put off the next scream-fest!

Also newsy and important in the world of the two little guys: Mom tried to be one of those clever moms-like-you-read-about who do educational things with their kiddos...and, just sayin’, Sarah Ortiz, you made this look *way* easier, and also *way way* tidier...but they had a lot of fun—when  Leo wasn't busy saying “NO Daniel! That’s MY spoon!”, or otherwise trying to circumvent the paparazzi ("NO! Don't take a picture me!"). J

And, in Sarah's defense, Daniel wasn't distracted enough for me by mere flour in a I added water...and spoons...and paid for it later in the form of a floor (and a baby--look at that face!) that needed to be scraped clean...and I was mostly just trying to get some dishes done. Mom: 0 Boyos: 500

Oh, and Daniel turns 1 on Thursday. Nope, not kidding. :P

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