Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Does Jesus Have a Superman Shirt?

Theology from a Three Year-Old

I really wonder sometimes how parents *actually* pass along their religious beliefs. I mean, I guess eventually Leo and Daniel will get old enough to understand some things, and I honestly pray that they grow up to be happy-holy-healthy-and-handsome all of the time, but the logistics of getting there? I dunno. Right now, I'm pretty sure Leo thinks this is what Jesus looks like:

Except, he may have a sword like St. Paul.  Jury's still out on that part.

Leo had all kinds of questions yesterday about Jesus.  He was holding a small crucifix that I have from my grandmother's house, and asking about if Jesus had died, and who had done that to him.  This got Leo thinking about other Jesus statues he'd seen, particularly this one we saw at Franciscan the other day, when I dragged the boyos down for the Kelly Roggansack Memorial 5K race:

Let's just say, this one's a fountain, and for a boy who's potty training...one gets certain ideas.

Then he wanted to know where Jesus lives...

Mom: "In Heaven"
Leo: "With Fr. Batt?"
Mom: "Umm...well, we see Fr. Batt at church, and Jesus is there too..."

Leo: "Does Jesus have a Superman shirt?"

That is probably the central question of doctrine for three year-olds everywhere. I am simply not equipped to answer that one. I suggested calling Grampa. ...and good thing too, because here's what came next...

Leo: "Does Jesus have a sword"
Mom: "Hmm...? Well, I guess sometimes He could have a sword"

Turns out Leo was remembering all the statues at church; there's Jesus, there's Mary, there's the guy with the sword...

Oh....Saint Paul. Yes, he's got a sword. This lead to watching YouTube videos of Saint Paul's conversion...(yea, there's video of it--who knew?).

Let's just hope my catechesis stays this stellar (ahem.) as the boyos get older. ;)


  1. This is hilarious. Keep up the good work, Katherine! :)

  2. Jesus in fact does not need a sword (unless He happens to want a plowshare). Though He is the Superlative Grand Master of the Sword of the Spirit (which is the Word of God v. Ephesians 6:17 and John 1:14). He can wear Superman's shirt whenever He wants (and it matters not a wit whether Superman wants to share).

    --Fr. Grandpa


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