Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Five Favorites} Alter Egos

As discovered through internet quizzes...

You've all fallen for it. "I took #wasteoftime.com's quiz and I'm an endangered Red Panda! What type of animal are you?!"

Here to amuse ourselves in these doldrums of winter, the five secret personalities you never knew I never had.

1. Pop Diva - Robyn

This one is the most mysterious. As my sister put it after reading the Wikipedia link I sent, "yes, I've never heard of her." Apparently, though, if I were a pop diva, I'd be a Swedish one from the '90s. Who knew.

2. Starring in the Musical - Sweeny Todd
Did I say that last one was the most mysterious? This one. This one. Oh my. I should have just re-taken it, I guess, because I have no idea. Maybe it's my Dragon-Mom side showing? The results said something about how my hair is always perfect (ha. see below.) and that I'm a melancholy person. Maybe. When chocolate deprived, yes. 

source (+me)

That's right folks, my food alter ego is...the sandwich.

They say it's because of my "girl-next-door" personality. Ok.

Ok, I'll buy it. ;)

You had me at "beautiful". Although, I suppose that's the idea with Disney princesses...

5. Harry Potter Character - Ginny Weasly
This one's my favorite. 

Because who doesn't like being the pretty popular one? Well...except for that whole Chamber of Secrets thing...but I did land the coolest guy in school. ;)

c. 2008 Gaming, Austria

Coming soon from Zimbio and Buzzfeed: the "Which Internet Quiz are You?" quiz.


  1. Couple things...

    Umm... the Sweeney Todd thing is weird!

    Someone had me take the food one just yesterday, and you'll laugh - I'm ICE CREAM! :) It said something like "everybody loves you and sometimes small children even cry when they can't be with you". hehe.

    I'm pretty sure I took that picture of you with the coolest guy in school!

  2. And here I thought I was doing good drinking chocolate beer to keep myself busy in the polar vortex, this is much more fun and productive! :) Haha. Where are you finding these fun quizzes?

    1. Mostly I see them when someone posts to FB, but there are also a lot on buzzfeed.com ;)

      Chocolate beer sounds like an adventure!


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