Thursday, January 23, 2014

{Leo says}

After scrounging the archives (hastily sent texts to my mom and sister...) I've got what you've all been waiting for...drum roll please...

Thanks, Nick Cannon.

Wisdom from the 3 year old. {back-logs edition}

{after Daniel fell and hit his head}
And Leo came running to see what happened, and said "oh no, bummer, poor my little brother!"
And then after Daniel got a hug and went back to play, Leo gave him a hug and said "there there" "that will make you feel better" And then he told me, "I gave him a hug!"

"hey mom, we need some shorts on that little Daniel boy"{more evidence of the "pants optional" nature of life as a toddler here...}

I told Leo we have to take Nana to the airport tomorrow to fly home to see Grampa, and he says, "and then she comes back when?" I told him Christmas, so he says, "oh, and what about Rosie and Maggie and Ruthie? How about they come to our house? Won't that be great? And Matthew and Jake and Ruthie..."
{I don't know who Matthew is...}

Leo drew "a sheep!" "Yea, he's a mean sheep"
Then he had me add eyes to a picture, and I did two dots, and he said
"goats don't wear glasses!"

"This is last chance" {speaking to Mom...}

{friends of ours visited, they have one little girl, and a baby on the way, so I asked him should Denise have a baby girl or boy, and he said...}
 "Another baby Lizzy! 5 baby Lizzys!
Mom: "5 baby Lizzys?!  all at one time?
Leo: yes
Mom: in her belly all at once?
Mom: where
Leo: "5 back car Lizzy and another baby Lizzy and aNOTHer baby Lizzy!"

{Leo was singing}
"TO-NIIIIIIGHT. WE ARE YOOUNGGGG! WE CAN GO HIIIGHER!" {Repeat times 5-10 at least, per circuit}
{I suppose I can allow it, if he becomes a dapper dresser...and fabulously wealthy...}

"that's my choice"
e.g. "I get a lollipop, that's my choice"

{Leo describing Superman show he watched at Pawpaw's house:}
Mom: what did the bad guys do to Superman?
Leo: they punched him and threw him in the LOTION!
Mom: the lotion?
Leo: with the water...

Leo: can we watch a show just now?
Mom: no, we're not watching a show
Leo: not yet?
Mom: no, not yet
Leo: I'm hungry to watch a show just now, I'm so hungry to watch a show


  1. and there are so many more just love those kids

  2. I have a notion to jump into the lotion.

  3. I love the age of 3!!! Except for the times when they disagree with everybody, even themselves....haha :) So precious!


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