Monday, September 16, 2013

{WIWS} First Time Around!

linking up with the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple for a Sunday sartorial romp

I am very excited finally to be posting with {WIWS}!  ...and I'm not the only one hopping on the bandwagon at last--check out Sarah O., over @ TwoO'sPlusMore for another inaugural edition ;)

{WIWS} is a weekly link-up of your Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes and a hurrah for going to church.  I've been wanting to post for a while, but haven't had the pics for it. I still don't really...but I do what I want ;).  Here's what I wore:

Amazing selfie of outfit. In the car. No tripod, and my photographers were occupied. 
Outfit details:
Dress: J. Crew via Clothes Mentor
Belt: stolen from my sister, I think...via...?
Modesty tank: Fashion Bug a million years ago
Necklace: unkown via Plato's Closet

You can't see the whole outfit, because I was trying to take a picture on my tiny phone, using the rear-view mirror as an aide...right. But the dress is A-line, and dippy in back and lined in the skirt and lovely. Also, I got it for about $12 instead of, I don't know...a lot more than that, so hurrah! ;)

Mass Behavior: Both boys get a D-. Leo sat in the pew, but pretended to be Jell-O the whole time and fussed about all-the-things. Daniel had to be corralled in the back of the church, the foyer, and the parking lot...the whole time. He's in the wriggly-wriggly stage, and will get a D- forever until he's a little older, or unless he sleeps through Mass (which happens...sometimes!)

And, since Sunday is a workin' day for this Momma, you get a second shot...what I wore to work!

Another selfie with the mirror. I'm such a pro.
I kept the necklace on, because why not?  A little Sunday best for the rest of the day.

Outfit details:
Scrub top: Clothes Mentor
Necklace: same as above
Fancy name tag: employee special
Not pictured: scrub bottoms & Danskos

Patient's behavior:
B+: One CABGx5 (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, 5-vessels, AKA quintuple bypass surgery) guy and one diabetic 90 y.o. Plenty of expert nurse advice to be had, and no emergencies = win/win. 

Make sure to head back over to FLAP for the rest of the real outfits + bloggers!

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