Tuesday, July 16, 2013

On a whim(sey?)...

What I Wore Monday to go on Errands
with Two Cranky Boyos

I've been a fan of the "What I Wore Sunday" link-up from Fine Linen and Purple, although I don't follow that blog, some blogs I follow do the link up...ya know. It's a link-up wherein you show an actual picture of yourself in the outfit you wore to church, to talk about going to church, and what you wore. Pretty straightforward, right? WAY way out of my league.

Let me explain. I've always wanted join the church/fashion-ista post, but I haven't yet figured out how to get a picture of me in my Sunday best (which, incidentally, is another link-up from one of the blogs I love, Camp Patton, and would be more appropriate for me, because in this link-up you discuss the Mass-time behavior of your wee little lads and lassies.). But anyways, how do they do it? Do those ladies have some kind of camera-timer? A very patient husband with a camera? The ability to take a full-length self-shot of an outfit?

All this has changed as of today. I have discovered the secret. His name is Leo. 

The genius behind this shot:

Actual selfie of the camera pro and little bro

has become my professional photographer. 

Step aside, actual fashion bloggers, here I am:

Note my post-shower, pre-hair-doing (who am I kidding?) self,
instructing  the camera-guy away
I'd love to add little arrows to parts of the pictures, to highlight things for you, but I am not savvy like that. I have no idea how to make my blog template do that. Oh well.

I do know that I am supposed to give you details of my outfit though:
Leggings: gifted to me from lovely friends
Dressy/top/beachy cover: Hand-me-Down brand cuteness
And here is what my hair looked like for 12 seconds,
until I had to put it up b/c it was too. dang. hot.
AND I heard the front door opening...
which means that Leo and Daniel were now OUTSIDE.
No more fashion-ing for this Momma!
On to the activity for the day: too many errands gonna spoil the moods...Prequel/prep: Hours of getting the house tidied a little bit, feeding chickens, quelling toddler bashes and pretending I had time to be a fashion-goddess (see above). Followed by wrestling the back seat *out* of the van and the pressure washer *in* so that we could return it to Dave. Le sigh. Le great big sigh.

First up - turn in paperwork to office so I get paid.
Behavior: A+ Leo fell asleep and Daniel looked out the window calmly, papers went into dropbox :0)

Second up - Arrive at Dave's house to drop off pressure washer and nick 5-gallon buckets to carry water to the menagerie back home.
Behavior: B+ Leo and Daniel woke up (Daniel fell asleep somewhere in there) and we got to see Dave's mom (who was awesome, and gave the boys popsicles--b/c oh yeah, it was 90 degrees outside.).

Next: Off to the auction-pick-up-location to get the tile-cutting machine that Steve bought from Randy. After some turning around, and a phone call to say, those buildings are *not* red!, We got the stuff and headed out again. Behavior: A-; had to get them in and out of the van again...find the right book for each to hold etc. etc. etc. Bonus: Mom found the sun-glasses for Leo.

Next next: Grocery store. Let's just say that one hour before bedtime is a pretty awful time of day to have kids at a grocery store. Lesson learned. Behavior: D--.

Last last: return one little pillow to the store and drag the kiddos one last time in/out of the van. I am a Monster Mom, I know. Behavior: slipping, slipping, slipping...

Overall: There is a delicate balance to be achieved amongst number of errands, amount of lost nap-time, lateness of day, and pain threshold of the Momma. Let's just say there is room for improvement here!

And now I can retire from fashion blogs forever.  Should I go back to the food ones?  ;)

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