Friday, April 11, 2014

{7QT: Tweets to My Sister and Other Exciting Things}

1.    I have decided that if I had Twitter, it would pretty much be exactly like reading my texts to my sister. SO...either incredibly boring for everyone else, or WAY over-share, I'm thinking. Like so:

-"I've decided I don't have the energy to write a post about Frozen"
-"Leo almost had a stomach at dinner"
-"you could be like Har-ry Pot-tah"
-"came outside smelling like he had been hitting the mouthwash"
-"maybe your tummy wants to watch a show"

On second thought, maybe @TheHopefulStarfish would be a fun Twitter read? Meh. I still say "pound" instead of "hashtag"; I'm too old for Twitter.

2.    We did watch Frozen with the boyos on Wednesday night. I thought about blessing you (ha!) with my thoughts on it in a post, but lucky you (srsly, folks), it was too much work. It was a fun movie, with fun songs and characters, and the main couple (::gasp!::) didn't even get married during the movie. One kiss only. Redemptive, even, I'd say (which, as you know, is one of my main criteria for winning as a story). 



He is pretty much awesome. I think he is growing up to be a really cool little brother. He is funny, fun, very very mischievous, curious, smart, and daring. Just the other day he told me "I so clever", which I do tell him quite often...because it's true. Two. That kid is two. Not even lying. 

4.    I am very excited about Black Sheep Farm (and garden)'s upcoming SPRING and SUMMER. This excitement will surely fade in approximately...however many days/weeks it takes to become over-run by weeds and sweat and bugs and tangled-up goats, but for now, from my 3 days of Spring seat, things are looking grand. Also in the works is another post for Real Housekeeping on Starting Out w/ Chickens. (It will look kind of like this, but maybe *slightly* more helpful. Slightly.) Because I am an expert, that's why. An expert who has sold 8 dozen eggs total, and who has lost 6 (at least) fowl to wild creatures thus far this year. 
I've already said I don't want any of these this year.
I probably lied.

5.    Speaking of Black Sheep Farm, it's been a completely epic few weeks, wherein we (Steven) caught and dispatched two (o?)possums and two raccoons (one of which I happened upon IN THE FLIPPING CHICKEN COOP whilst gathering eggs), the sheep has gotten off his rope TWICE, a stray little black lab mix puppy has appeared (anyone want a dog!?) and I have been charting non-stop from a deluge of nurse visits since about the time that my Mom showed up three weeks ago (just got caught up *yesterday*!). Seriously, folks, Nana has saved the day around here. She plays with the boyos, washes dishes, is patient with my cah-ray-zi-ness AND let's me win at Scrabble. Be jealous, be very jealous. 

Rockstar Nana...and...Leo. 

6.    April 10th is National Sibling Day.
It's a made-up internet holiday, so it doesn't count, but I have the best siblings, and I love making you look at pictures of us, so we buy in for it anyways. 

Siblings are one of life's greatest gifts. You can choose the relationships you have with almost any other person, but you don't get to choose family. Your brothers and sisters are laid out for you from time immemorial. Your husband or wife is your closest companion in this life, but even he/she does not share the same bond that you have with a brother or sister. Who else has your exact same context for life? The same degree of craziness in all the right categories? They drive us crazy, but siblings are truly special. xoxo

7.    Good Grief Third Grade
There is honestly too much out there to comment on lately. And, as you recall, I am way way behind the learning curve on being up to date. Apparently there's a Heartbleed bug to be scared of? And Kirsten Dunst is joining the war on women? I give up. Maybe I *will* write that post about Frozen...unless someone gives me a lobster!

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  1. Recently there was a push for 'urban farming' for chickens. They seem like a lot of work, and it can get out of hand if you don't know what you are doing.

    With families shrinking I wonder what people will think of siblings in the future.

    1. Agreed. Chickens are way more work than one might expect. Also way less. I think if I succeed in getting as many people to have chickens as I do avoid them...I have won ;).

      I truly believe that the greatest gift I've given my sons is each other. I take it as a loss to society that families are shrinking, but maybe it will make people appreciate their siblings more?

    2. I have very romantic notions about raising chickens. My husband does not. We'll see who wins.

    3. Stay tuned for the new-chicken-owner-tips post over @Real Housekeeping...but if you prepare well, and start small, I think you could win. ;)

  2. Nana got home today and already misses the boys. love the blog. wait until next time,I will beat you in scrabble.......


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