Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Liebster? I don't even know 'er!

Alternate title: I won! I won! I won!

SO, while I was shamelessly plugging away for someone to award me a Lobster the other day, Julia already had! Thank you, Julia, I am humbled and honored, truly, truly. (and. let's face it, this girl needs more humility!)

I've been seeing several Liebster/Lobster winners over the past week or so, but I had to clarify the rules for myself. So, I Googled it. This post makes it seem pretty complicated, but this one says all you have to do is accept it and pass it on, you make up the rest. Sounds like my kind of prize!

SO...without further ado (too late!)...drum-roll please...

Julia answered and then asked the following questions:

Where do you live and why do you live there now?
I live on Black Sheep Farm, in northeast Ohio. I live here now because this is where we are building up our family. We live in a 100+ year old farmhouse on land that's been in Steven's family for...8 generations now, or, at least since 1832. Kind of a big deal. 

What are you currently watching or reading?
Hmmm....does pining after the next season of Sherlock count?  We also blitzed through all four seasons of Downton Abbey this spring. I haven't been much of a reader lately, which is sad to me, but I am crawling through The Fellowship of the Ring again. The last really meaningful read I had was The Glass Castle, but I already told you about that. Oh! I just remembered! Steven got Unbroken on our Audible account. He says I will really like it. I don't know, because it's sure to have some horrific war drama that I'm not positive my wired mom/nurse-self can handle, but I'm willing to try it out. Maybe.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Own vs. wear is a distinction that Sarah highlighted, and I will go with. I have 7-8 pairs of footwear that I wear. I like to have footwear for specific activities. Leo always asks if I'm going to work when I put on my clonky-Dansko clogs. I suppose I own the boyos shoes too. They have 3 pairs each in whatever is their current size (sneakers/church shoes/boots). 

Are you a good dancer?
I can rock the amateur-type-in-home-dance-party, and I was a ballerina once. As in, for one season, at age..5 (?). I played a guppy in a production of The Little Mermaid. My sister got to be an oyster. Her job was way more glamorous, believe me.  

Who usually drives, you or your husband?
Steven, because he is the best driver, and I am the best co-pilot. I was trained in this prestigious vocation by riding shotgun for my brand-new-driver sister at the tender age of 15. I can call lane changes and feed a hungry charioteer french fries like nobody's business. 

What is your favorite holiday, and how do you celebrate it?
I really really love Easter. The Easter Vigil is one of my favorite services to go to.

Which is correct, left or right?

Left. Always left. Although, not that it matters around here. I give you Exhibit A:

Do you have any scars?
At first I was going to say no, or maybe tell you about the (pretty much faded) minuscule scar on my right index finger from shutting a pocket knife on it while carving a stick at the age of...old enough to know not to do that. And then I was like...OH yeah....there was that one other, *lee-tle* scar...AKA C-section delivery of my firstborn son. So, yes, scar, check. (I'm tellin' you, don't have kids! *wink*). 

What's the most famous thing you've ever done?
Ummm....nothing. Seriously, nothing yet. You'll have to wait for my children to grow up to be amazing inventors of something really awesome, or everyday saints, or champion of all-the-things, and then everyone can say, "she's his mother!", and the crowd will cheer. That will be my fame. 

And, because I can, I nominate Marie (who should always get a prize!), Jamie (who will have fun answers!) and Christina (whose answers I can't even guess!) for the prestigious Liebster award! 

Questions to answer:
-Who is your favorite saint and why?
-What is your least favorite food, and the last time you ate it?
-Who is your alter literary/film ego?
-If you had to make a living teaching something, what would you teach?
-What is one thing you have learned recently that surprised you?
-What is one name you would never give a child, and why? AND top three names you would consider
-What is the most inspiring book you have read?
-What did you want to be when you "grew up" (as asked to your 2nd grade self)?

*AND* if you wished you would have won a special award, let me know. It's just about my favorite thing to give things to people, and I take bribes easily. 


  1. You are most welcome! ;) And you have surpassed my wildest expectations yet again! I didn't know we could change the q's!!!!! Dude! I read some old guidelines I guess. See ya in the Leibster Winner's Lounge!

    1. :) The Winner's Lounge! I love it!
      I'm glad you asked me these questions; I really wanted to answer the toilet paper one and share that picture! ;)


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