Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dirt with Seeds In

After procrastinating the seed planting for 3-4 weeks, I've finally got some seeds into the dirt!  It is very fortunate that Steven and I are forgetful in different areas.  I remember people's names, and he remembers that I bought bags of planting soil on sale last fall to have this spring.  (Right, *I* bought them, and didn't remember!)  

Not much to see here, but the tote is full of dirt, the seed packets are from Johnny's...and now they're best  friends in the seed trays.

I planted a lot of tomatoes (mostly of the paste variety, so we can make tomato sauce at the end of the summer) and peppers (so we can make pepper mustard at the end of the summer).  Also some broccoli and Brussels sprouts, because: green.  Also also some tomatillos, because: I like to say tomatillo.

The garden isn't tilled up yet, because it's too cold to plant (unless you are daring/have more energy to cover things when it gets cold) and too wet also...and because: no plants yet ;).  We'll keep you posted for sure as the little dears start to grow!

This post is dedicated to Laura and Cate, who always take a kindly interest in the goings-on at Black Sheep Farm (and garden) :D.  Hi Laura and Cate!


  1. Thank you! I loved this... I know absolutely nada about gardening so everything is lovely and exciting to me. Eager to watch these grow!

  2. Yay! We put squash, tomatoes, and peppers in a few weeks ago, and we're hoping we can harvest before the move! I think we will try to triple our boxes at the next house since we'll be there for a while. I want to do something fun like roses.

    PS - move to TX and it will never be too cold or wet to plant :-).

    1. Wow, I'm impressed! So many things! ...and I don't think I've ever talked of "tripling" something in the garden...someone's got a gardener's heart...

      p.s.Can't plant in TX if you're a melted puddle on the ground! Ohio is hot enough for this Mainer! ;)


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