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So, yes, this is a "mommy blog" blogging about other mommy blogs who blogged about being moms...
For {Five Favorites} this week, I'm going to take a look at some awesome posts from other bloggers on the blessedness (::wink:wink::) of Motherhood. So, with as much ado as possible, and in no particular order, here we go!

Sarah @ Two Os + more with
Letting the Sweet Moments Trump the Not So Sweet

Sarah has a very light-hearted and informative blog that always has plenty of variety (I love the pics and the "Out of the Mouth of Dom" in her weekly updates). This post is one of her more serious ones, however, and she tells it straight. Being a mom is pretty bittersweet...and sometimes you just gotta let go of the poopy moments and bask in the sweet ones.

Anyone who's read this blog for 2.5 seconds recognizes that I am a Camp Patton fan. Grace has a dry sense of humor and keeps it honest and snarky about life with 3 under 3. This post highlights some good thoughts about NFP.  I'm planning to enlighten you all with my deeper thoughts on the subject at some future date, and I'll probably link this up again. What I like about it is that it highlights the fact that NFP is different for every couple, and our judgy-mc-judge-thoughts about other families should take the high road. God has different plans for each family...unique, wonderful plans.
Kendra @ Catholic All Year with So You Guys are DONE, Right?
Kendra's blog is one that I've just started checking out (I think Sarah sent me there?). She's a Catholic home-schooling mom of seven kids...and a great resource for mom stuff. I agreed with absolutely everything she had to say about disciplining kids in this post. The post above, however, is a nice perspective on larger families. When people start telling you at 2 kids that you've got your hands's nice to know what you might say ;). Her thoughts on families don't quite mesh with mine, so perhaps that's why I like to read her thoughts. The stigma that families with more than 3 kids have something wrong, or obviously were mistaken, or whatever need to be broken down. Children are beautiful gifts, and some people are called to have plenty of them :0). 

Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmus
with Trying Not to be the "Just Wait" Mom
Haley is another blog that Sarah sent me to :D. She's got great thoughts and reflections (and has chickens too!). This particular post was great, because it wasn't quite what I expected. I thought Haley was going to tell us not to be impatient with the day-to-day motherhood blah stuff (which is a good thing to think!), but instead she went one better. This post teaches us "older" (ha-ha!) moms not to hurry the "younger" ones along. As someone who feels like an *expertista* on most everything after running through it twice, I needed this one. 

Bonnie @ A Knotted Life with Nine Months of Doing it Wrong
Bonnie is a mother of six with good perspectives and solid experience. I feel like I'm reading advice from an older sister or aunt at times with her :0). Her thoughts in this post totally clicked with me. Just before going in to deliver her newest baby, she reflects on the backwards way she has been praying for the last several months. She had prayers of fear. I've realized a lot lately that I pray in much the same way (and I'm trying to become better!). My prayer is often fear-based, as in: "Please don't let x-y-z happen to us!!!". These are the moments of growth...the stretching times when we realize why God made motherhood such a well-trodden path in this life.

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