Thursday, July 18, 2013

{W4W} "Things I Hate"

*Wit for Your Wednesday*
Brought to you by the color tangerine and the letter J.
Disclaimer: I know it's not Wednesday. Don't you find that witty?
Or ironic in an Alanis Morisette kind of way? Whatever. 

Another edition of {W4W} guest-posting glam from the gorgeous and witty big-sister Mags, the loveliest attorney Maine has been graced with since Maine was graced  with my Aunt Liz and my Nana. 

This is Mags w/ her husband and HER LAW SCHOOL DIPLOMA.
Maybe it's old news that she got that last year,
but...w/evs. I still think it's pretty friekin' awsome.
With much more ado than necessary, here it is now:

Things I hate
(or dislike passionately)
(in no particular order)

This is my list for Wednesday July 17, 2013. I make no assertions as to its immutability, either in the present or the future. I make no assertions as to its relevancy to anything ever.

-Bad drivers
-Bad parking
-Tourist driving in front of me
-Massachusetts drivers (except for a select few whom I have vowed to
love despite their heritage)
-Canadian drivers: opposite end of the spectrum from the mass holes.
They never get anywhere!
-wet clothes from the dryer
-Gooey goopy mastication.  (look it up)
-logical proofs of almost anything
-people telling me to calm down
-people telling others to shut up
-other people never shutting up
-ultra liberals
-ultra conservatives
-ultra spiritual people (I mean come on, pick a side, choose something
you wimp, you are only a true agnostic or atheist if you have studied
theology, philosophy and history of all types)
-self involved people
-people who are not obsessed with me...
-cat breath
-celebrity gossip
-not celebrity gossip
-people who think all Christians are the same, but have done no
further research besides news articles
-same as above but with every category of people ever
-living far away from Katherine
-licorice (its the practical joke of the candy world; here have some
sugar that tastes like medicine)
-being away from Jonathan (He is being deployed.  Your welcome
America.  I intended to be more selfish with him)
-zucchini  (texture.  I cant even talk about it)
-prideful ignorance. (way way worse)
-american cheese (it is not cheese it is a petroleum product...look it up man)
-people who judge stay at home moms
-people who judge moms with careers
-reality tv.  ( i mostly think that we should demand better because
they are making just as much money)
-yogurt ( I don't trust spoiled milk)
-diet soda

You are welcome.  You have successfully been distracted by things that bother me, your blogger's older, bossier, but arguably prettier sister.

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  1. I have to admit that I am very bad at parking. Sorry Margaret! I'm one of "those" people. Haha! Thanks for the entertaining list. I love your comment on true! It does taste like medicine!


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