Thursday, July 18, 2013

{Five Favorites} Too. Dang. Hot.

Linkin' it up w/ Hallie over at Moxie Wife for a tardy game of:

It has been at least 90 degrees for...several days now. (whine whine whine). So here are some favorite things for beating back the heat.  

 Only 100 calories of delicious, cooling T-R-E-A-T.
There is a strawberry version, but why? Why? Why? :0)

 2. Summer-flavored hand soap. 
Leo has been wearing UNDERWEAR during the day (oh my!), and this stuff gets him to wash his hands every time :D. My Nana always used to ask us after we had used the bathroom, "Did you wash your hands?". When I got older, I would come out and ask her if she had anything to ask me. :0).
In Leo-ease: "Hoamny soap" 

I am going to be spoiled for sure. My *little* brother Jono (UNCLE JONO) is visiting right sister Mags (of sometime blog fame here>>keep your eyes out for more...!) arrives on Friday, and my dear friend Marie arrives in 2 WEEKS! (Marie blogs on life and love over at The Merry Dreamer; you should check it out!)  This may be the truth:

...but there's nothing like sharing the day with folks over 2.83 years old to brighten the mood ;)
Marie and I on a college-days road trip to Maryland. 

Ok, so I live in Ohio. Approximately 772 miles away from Little Sebago Lake, Maine. ::sigh:: But it is still one of the greatest things about summer. And you'd better be enjoying it, you Mainer family you! 

This is Nana with Jake at the lake some years ago.
Sweet sweet serenit.

Oh wait, not. Weeding is pretty much awful. And I'm pretty bad at getting it all done. HOW-ever, the wonder-ful-ness of making jams and pepper also lots of work. BUT the awesome-ness of EATING all of the bounty, even months later due to the wonders of canning science. THAT is one of my favorite things :0)

This lady has a kneeler AND gloves.
Let me tell you, that is WAY more glamorous than I'll ever get.
There is much more dirt and sweat and sweat involved in my garden.

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